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SpeedResearch Stock Market Browser - Features

Customizable for any US or Global market and any financial web site. 

Maintain one set of portfolios to use for any number of web sites.  Research data is dynamically linked directly to the stock symbols in your portfolios.  Instantly view financials, quotes, charts and more on all stocks in a portfolio or all of your portfolios combined. 
Create your own custom links to instantly display results from any number of web sites simultaneously within one window or group of tabbed windows for any selected stock in your portfolios.  You can also create your own custom pages using components or charts from most any website.
Quickly scan listings of stock symbols from any web pages directly into your portfolios.  This allow you to quickly begin research on groups of stocks such as 'Top 10 Winners/Losers' , 'Most Actives'  and more.  Many excellent predefined scans are included and you can create your own.
Use tabbed web browsing windows for faster more organized multi window browsing.  Each of the tabbed windows are individually configurable for automatic naming, refreshing, and a default web page and font size.
Portfolios and links are visible at all times and are organized for optimal usage and screen space.  Most of your research will be one or two clicks away at any time.
Attach notes to your stock symbols in your portfolios to help remember when, why or at what price you added it to your portfolio.  The current date and price of a stock can be automatically logged in your notes when stocks are added to your portfolios.
Have Microsoft Word installed?  If so, then the SpeedResearch browser integrate it directly into your browser window allowing you to create and easily manage unlimited word documents for every stock in your portfolios and also the portfolios themselves.  No more digging for your research data and ideas, select a stock from your portfolio and your research documents are only a click or two away.  Setup the browser to automatically retrieve data and charts for the selected stock and insert them into your new word documents when they are created.  Drag and drop data and graphics from websites directly into your documents.
Have Microsoft Excel installed?  The SpeedResearch browser can import stock price history directly into excel.  In a couple clicks, you can create a single Excel Workbook  with price history data for every stock in a portfolio broken out into individual Work Sheet tabs.  You can also use the browser to directly import any data you can select on a web page directly into Excel. 
View and print active reports containing all of your portfolios, stock symbols, notes and current price data..
Instantly copy all of your portfolio information for pasting into E-mails or other documents.
Set daily reminders for IPOs, Earnings or other important events. Earnings dates can be automatically imported into your reminders for stocks in your portfolios.
Enhanced navigation and powerful built-in web search utilities.  All standard features found in Internet Explorer and more are available in the SpeedResearch Browser, including Print Preview, Favorites, and email utilities.  The SpeedResearch Browser is built on top of the Internet Explorer foundation giving you all of the features, security and customization abilities available within the version of Internet Explorer that is installed on your system.
One-Click form filling - Tired of filling in forms?  The SpeedResearch browser can be setup to let you fill in web forms in one click!  Great for one click logins to user based websites.
Save time looking for new research sites.  The browser is regularly updated with new features and the latest quality research links.  The browser checks our servers for new link data every time you start the browser.  If new links are found, they are automatically downloaded and your browser is updated.
No advertisement banners or pop-up nag screens. Every square inch of screen space is dedicated to your research.  The SpeedResearch Stock Market Browser is guaranteed to be free of Ad Ware and Spy Ware.  We encourage you to run Spyware detection software to be sure that your computer is clean.  Ad-Aware is an excellent choice and is free.
The SpeedResearch Browser DOES NOT send any user specific information to advertisers. Please read our Privacy Policy for full disclosure.
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