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Main Speed Research Market Browser Interface

Primary stock research and analysis interface.

Main Browser Interface ( Active Edges Turned On )
** This mode saves screen space for users with a low screen resolution.
Moving the mouse to either edge of the browser pops open the link panel

Primary stock research and analysis interface with Active Edges.

Custom Research Link Setup Window
Create a variety of custom links that automate tasks such as opening
multiple web pages or charts for your selected stocks or portfolios,
searching the web or launching other applications

Custom stock research link setup window.

Ticker Symbol Scanning Window
Ever find a web page with 20 or 30 stocks listed that you want to do research on?
Now you can have them in you portfolio and be pulling up charts and research
 data in seconds!   Use this tool to grab lists of stocks from web pages and dump
 them into your portfolios for researching.   Create scan wizards to remember the
web sites you frequently obtain stock list from and then use them later to build your
portfolio in one or two clicks.

Stock ticker symbol scanning window.

Browser Setup Window
Customize the browsers settings to suit your needs.  Configure the color scheme,
browser tab settings, and more.  You can even turn off those annoying pop-up
windows that many web sites like to throw at you.

Speed Research Market Browser Setup Window.

ECN Quote Window
Open separate ECN Quote windows for your portfolios.

ECN Quotes window showing real-time stock quotes for your Speed Research Portfolios.

Excel Data Export Results
Instantly create Excel Workbooks for your entire portfolio with price history for each
stock in your portfolio in separate worksheet tabs.

Sample stock market data export to Excel.

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