Browser Setup
  • Customize your browser settings and colors
  • Import & Export your browsers settings & custom links
  • Setup 'Form Filler' for one-click data entry to web forms
  • Setup StockDoc (MS Word Integration)
  • Get information on shortcut keys
The Toolbar
  • Advanced URL Address & Search box
  • Functionality of the Toolbar Icons
    • Help
    • Back / Forward
    • Stop / Stop All Tabs
    • Refresh / Refresh All Tabs
    • Print (Page Setup, Print Preview,Print)
    • Email (Email Links & Portfolio Data to friends)
    • Form Filler ( One-click data entry to web based forms)
    • Favorites 
    • Web Search ( Advanced Integration of all major search engines and more)
Page Tabs
  • Learn how to use the browser multiple tabbed web paged for fast & automated multi-paged web browsing
  • Set default pages to load on each tab when you start the browser
  • Individual options for font size, tab names, tab location and automatic refreshing
  • Functions to crop selected areas of a web page and send selections to StockDoc or Excel files.
Your Portfolios
  • Setting up and Managing your portfolios
  • Customizing your portfolio settings
  • Creating portfolio reports
  • PortfolioDoc - Documenting your research
  • Realtime ECN Data
Symbol Scanner
  • Scan web pages for lists of stock symbols and insert them into your portfolios
  • Create wizards to automatically scan multiple web pages for stock symbols
Research Links
  • Learn how to use the built in research links that take you directly to the research data for the stock selected in your portfolio on dozens of the best research web sites available.  Then learn how to create your own customized links to do the same.
Multi Links
  • Learn how to simultaneously open any number of different web sites with results for the stock symbol selected in your portfolio all within the same window or tab.  Then learn how to create your own one-click links to do the same for any number of pre-selected web sites.
Portfolio Links
  • Learn about links that open web sites with results for all of the stocks in your selected portfolio or even all of your portfolios at once.  Then learn how to create your own portfolio links to do the same on other web sites of your choice.
Broker Links
  • Learn how to setup the special broker links to use to navigate to your web broker.  These links use a dedicated browser window ( hidden tab ) which keeps your broker page exactly where you left it while you browse other research pages on the tabs. 
Custom Links
  • Learn how to create your own powerful links to navigate directly to the data you need for the selected stock(s) in your portfolio on any number of web sites.  Build links that can combine charts from multiple web sites into your own personal web page displaying the charts for any one or all of the stocks in your portfolios.  Build links that open a web site multiple times, once for each stock in your portfolio and all within the same browser tab.  Create links that open any combination of web sites simultaneously for a selected stock symbol and all within the same browser tab.
StockDoc & PortfolioDoc
  • Create and manage Microsoft Word files to document your research.  Easily manage unlimited documents tied directly to your stocks and portfolios.
  • Explore many other tools and features built into the SpeedResearch browser.
  • Got a question?  Check here first.. These are the most common questions and answers and also include any common problems that any users may be having, what you can do to resolve the problem or the possible status of any upcoming fix.
Shortcut Keys
  • List of all available shortcut key combinations available in the SpeedResearch browser.


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