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July 2000 


With the vast array of Websites available for researching investments, it can be quite a chore to travel from one Website to the next to get all your information. For example, you may start out going to Briefing.com to look at the earnings calendar, then pay a visit to IPO.com to get information on upcoming IPOs, then on to Yahoo! Finance for stock quotes, then on to Ragingbull.com to participate in discussions. Managing all these sites from one page and being transported to them with the click of a mouse would indeed be a luxury.

FIGURE 4: SPEEDRESEARCH.COM. This specialized financial Web browser contains five tabs allowing you to move easily from one window to the next. In addition to the Web browser window, you have a collection of buttons, each representing links, as well as the ability to create up to 10 portfolios.

Ron Kucynski had this idea in mind when he developed SpeedResearch.com. It's a specialized financial browser that allows you to customize the screen so that the Websites you visit to obtain all your information are just a click away.

This is a shareware program that you can try out for 30 days, after which you need to register and pay $34.99 if you wish to continue using it. The browser can be downloaded from the Website. After installation, which is a painless process, you are ready to run the program. You should install the program in the default directory. If you try to install it in any other directory, you might experience difficulties in opening the program.

SpeedResearch gives you the option of creating up to 10 portfolios. It isn't possible to cover all the many links included in SpeedResearch.com here, but you can visit just about any Website you wish from the SpeedResearch.com browser. You have the option of customizing the screen to include more than 40 URLs (Figure 4).

To begin, you'll want to first create your portfolios. Then you can click on any symbol in any of your portfolios to look up quotes, charts, discussions, analyst reports, news, options chains, short interest, insider trading or just about anything that you can find on the Internet, all with one mouse-click right from this page.

Along the bottom of the screen, you can see the quotes for the broader indices such as the DJIA, Nasdaq, and S&P 500. Positioning your mouse over any of the menus will display the full name of the Website specific to that menu.

SpeedResearch.com is a great tool for managing your personal finances. Most of the sites that are frequently visited by traders and investors are likely to already be included in the browser, and even if one isn't, you can add it as a custom link. For most convenient access to some of your favorite sites, you can assign Web pages to the five tabs that are prominently located across the top of the browser's main window. Then you can move between the Web pages quickly by clicking on the tabs. You can change these tab assignments anytime with a simple double-click of the mouse.

Just as with any new product, it takes a while to familiarize yourself with this browser, especially when you are accustomed to navigating with your default browser. Considering that there are so many links arranged around the browser window, and within some of these links are dropdown menus with more Websites, you have to play around with it until you uncover all the available links. SpeedResearch has tried to organize the layout by arranging the links by categories (such as news, research, IPOs, day trading, options and futures, and so on), but it can still take time to remember where each link is located. In fact, don't be surprised to discover later that a built-in link already existed for one you just added.

Kucynski has plans for more features, such as being able to sort the stock symbols and change their display colors individually. Another addition in the planning stage is providing users with the ability to create dropdown lists from custom links. This will provide users with the option of adding even more Website links.

SpeedResearch.com lacks some of the sophisticated features, such as the Find function, that are found in the more popular browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. But in spite of such limitations, this browser is a worthwhile tool for individual investors.

Source : Stocks & Commodities Magazine July 2000 

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