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The Speed Research Stock Market Browser, Featured in Active Trader Magazine, Stocks & Commodities Magazine, Working Money Magazine, and Investing Online For Dummies.

Are you using dozens of stock data web sites for your quotes, charts, research and trading?  The Speed Research Browser can streamline your online research processes allowing you to execute more educated and efficient trading decisions by providing a single application to manage your stock portfolios and provide instant access to research data for your stocks from an unlimited number of stock research websites.

Some of the many features available in the Speed Research Stock Market Browser

Greatly improved efficiency using any stock research, quoting, and charting websites.  An excellent tool for day traders and also works great for Mutual Funds, Futures, Stock Options and Forex research.

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Active Trader Cover - Speed Research Market Browser Review
"SpeedResearch puts a plethora of research a mouse-click or two away"
Active Trader Magazine
Dec 2002
SpeedResearch Review - Stocks & Commodities Magazine
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"SpeedResearch.com is a great tool for managing your personal finances"
Stocks & Commodities Magazine
July 2000 


Manage a single set of portfolios that can be used for any number of stock market research web sites for both US and Global Markets.  No need to maintain your stock lists at multiple locations.


Dozens of predefined 'Dynamic' links to many of the top rated stock data, quoting, charting, and research websites available.  Your individual stocks and entire portfolios are always one click away from stock research and market analysis data from any number of stock research web sites.


Powerful custom linking abilities allowing you to create your own dynamic pages with stock quotes, charts, and analysis data from other web sites.  For example, create a link that with one click will open a single page with stock charts from one or more websites for every stock in your portfolio.


Microsoft Word and Excel Integration for importing historical stock prices and managing documents for stock reports, research notes & investment ideas for each individual stock or stock portfolio.


Tabbed internet browser interface for easy multi window browsing, plus two additional dedicated internal browsers for your broker web sites for quick access to trading screens.


Guaranteed 100% SpyWare and AdWare Free.  No built in banner ads.  Built in Customizable Pop Up Blocker.


Free 30-day Trial and No monthly fees should you decide to register.. Low one time fee with free upgrades.

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Software Awards & Reviews  Latest Update Information

The Speed Research Stock Market Browser has received awards from ZDNet, Software Seeker, File Dudes, Paul's Picks, Shareware.com and more...

  10/26/2006 - Links Updated - (No download necessary for v2.4.5 users)

08/18/2005 - Links Updated - (No download necessary for v2.4.5 users)

12/09/2003 - v2.4.5     Download Now!
Improved Form Fill to remember field values for any web page, great for login fields.  New 'Multi Tabs' option for Custom Links to create links that open pages on every browser tab.  New shortcut keys, Enhanced Portfolio Report, and Improved Quick Scan for faster access to your custom stock scans.

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