Broker Links
  • The broker links use a dedicated window which preserves the state of your brokers web page. When you use other research links, your broker's web page will be exactly where you left it when you return.  This feature only works for one broker at a time. If your using both brokers simultaneously, you should load them in external windows or use one of the tabbed windows.
  • The first time you run the browser you will see two links in the upper right called '< Set Broker>'.  These will become your links to your brokers.  The first time you click on each of them, you will be presented with instructions for setting them up for your broker(s). These links will remain configured for the selected broker until changed.



  • To change the selected broker select the broker link with your right mouse button.
  • If you use more than 2 brokers, you can also use the '<Custom>' links for additional brokers but they will not be run in their own dedicated window.





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