Your Portfolios
Your Portfolios  
Stock Symbol Entry Box- (Small green box) 
  • Enter stock symbol(s) in the green box and press the <Enter> key to add them to the selected portfolio below
  • Multiple stock symbols can be entered at same time by separating them with  spaces or commas
  • All stock symbols added to your portfolios are automatically saved when you exit the browser
  • To research a stock without adding it to a portfolio, enter one stock symbol into the Symbol Entry box and do not hit the enter key. Then, use the research links to research that stock.  When you no longer want to research that stock, you must clear it out of the box to continue researching stocks in your portfolios.

Stock Symbol Removal - (Red 'X' Box )

  • Click once to remove the selected stock symbol from the portfolio
  • Double Click to clear all the stock symbols from the selected portfolio (you will be prompted to confirm first)
  • Pressing the Delete key will also remove the selected stock symbol

Portfolio Stock List - (Shown stock symbols are sample symbols only and can be removed)

  • Select a stock symbol and then select a research link below the portfolio box to open that link for the selected stock.
  • Double click a stock symbol to open the last selected research link for that stock.
  • Right-Click on the Portfolio Box  for a menu to perform the following tasks :
  • Enter a personal note for the selected stock symbol --   Select a stock symbol then right click to popup the portfolio menu.  To view the current note for the selected stock symbol, move the mouse over the 'Notes on <symbol>' selection at the top of the menu.  If there is no note for that stock symbol, you will see a blank box, otherwise you will see a box with your note in it.   To add, change or remove a note, click on the box containing the note (or blank box.)  You will be prompted to enter a note for your selected stock symbol.  Enter a note and click OK or click Cancel to clear the note from the stock symbol.  When you delete a stock symbol from a portfolio, it will only remove the associated note from the system if the stock symbol you deleted is not contained in any of your other portfolios. This feature is useful for noting why you may have added that symbol to your portfolio or what the offer price of a security was at the time you added it to your portfolio.  There is also an option on the settings window (see Browser Setup) to automatically enter the current date and stock price in the notes when stocks are added to portfolios.
  • Create or open a Stock Doc for the currently selected stock ( see StockDoc for details )
  • Delete the selected stock symbol
  • Copy the selected stock symbol to another portfolio
  • Move the selected stock symbol to another portfolio
  • Move all stock symbols in the current portfolio to a different portfolio
  • Copy all stock symbols in the current portfolio to another portfolio
  • Copy your portfolio(s) to the clipboard for pasting into other applications or E-Mail.. Click 'Copy Portfolio#x' or 'Copy All Portfolios'.
  • Mail your current portfolio or all portfolios to a friend.  
  • Print or View a full report of the stock symbols in all of your portfolios, including any personal notes you may have added to them.
  • Add new stock symbols by scanning the current web page for tickers (Ticker Scan.)   See instructions for Ticker Scan within the Ticker Scan window.
  • Open the Real-Time ECN window for the current portfolio (see Tools)
  • Generate a composite chart of all stocks within the current portfolio (see Tools)
  • Generate an Excel WorkSheet consisting of multiple tabs (sheets), one for each stock in the current portfolio, the individual sheets will be filled with the stock price history values for the corresponding stock symbol.
  • Import available earnings dates for all stocks in the selected portfolio and insert them into the SpeedResearch Reminders calendar.
  • Create or open a Portfolio Doc for the currently selected portfolio ( see PortfolioDoc for details )
  • Adjust the sort order of the stock symbols
    • Sort options are Ascending, Descending and Manual.  When Manual is selected, there will be additional options available on the Sort menu allowing you to move the selected stock up or down on the list.  You may also move the selected stock by using your up and down arrow keys while holding the Shift key.
  • Change the Font Size of the stock symbol list
  • Set the font of the stock symbol list to Bold


Portfolio Selections 1-10 

  • Click on the numbers 1 - 10  for up to 10 different stock symbol lists (portfolios)
  • Right-Click on the numbers or portfolio name to either change the current portfolio name or turn off the portfolio name to allow for a little more space.
  • Double-click on a portfolio number or the name to run the last used 'Query Portfolio' link for the selected portfolio. (defaults to the 'Basic' quotes if nothing other than that has been used)

Mouse Movement 

  • As you move your mouse over the stocks in your portfolio, you will see all of the following in the status bar at the bottom of the browser :
    • The last used research link (The link that will be used if you double-click the stock symbol)
    • The Stock Symbol
    • Any notes that you have attached to the stock symbol
  • If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, the focus of your scroll wheel should move between the portfolios, web page and left side custom links as you move your mouse around.  If not, check to make sure you are using the mouse driver supplied with your mouse and not the standard windows mouse driver. 





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