Shortcut Keys

<Alt> 1 to 0 
- Switch browser tabs.  Just hold the <Alt> key and press a number key from 1 to 0(10) 

- Set focus to the URL Address Bar (Same as in Internet Explorer)
<Alt>F -
Change Font Size on the current web page.

<Alt><Left Arrow> -
Navigate Backward (Same as Back Button)
<Alt><Right Arrow> -
 Navigate Foreword (Same as Foreword Button)

F1 - Help
- Navigate to the SpeedResearch browser help page.
F2 - Broker - Show your current broker page.
F3 - Search - Opens the last used search page displaying results for the last key words entered into the address/url box.  If you select a group of words on the current web page and press F3, then the web search will be performed on those words.
F4 - Form Fill - Same as clicking the Form Fill toolbar icon.  The browser will attempt to fill in a form on the current page with the information you provided in the Form Fill setup (below).
F5 - Refresh the Selected Tab - Refreshes the current web page
F6 - Refresh All Tabs - Refreshes all web pages currently open on all tabs except for your broker page.
F7 - Save Page - Same as the File-Save option in Internet Explorer allowing you to save the current web page to your hard drive.
F8 - Open in New Window - Opens the current page within the SpeedResearch browser into an new Internet Explorer window.
F9 - Dictionary - Will open in a new window with the definition of a word that you have selected on the current web page within the SpeedResearch browser.
F10 - Amazon Book Search  - Returns search results on for the text you have selected on the current page in your SpeedResearch browser.  

To exit the Browser - double click the 'X' in the top right corner of the window or the icon in the top left corner




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