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PortfolioDoc is the SpeedResearch Browser's ability to integrate with Microsoft Word to create and manage and unlimited number of MS Word files to document your stock research in rich detail.  ( ** MS Word must be installed on your machine for this functionality to work, otherwise it will be disabled. This has been tested with MS Word 97 and Later.  Older versions of MS Word may not be able to 'Automatically' insert Charts or Images during file creation.  Images can still be dragged or pasted into the documents once they are opened)

PortfolioDoc , similar to StockDocs, allow you to document your research and trading ideas for portfolios.  PortfolioDocs can be created and opened from the Portfolio Menu.  Unlike StockDocs where you can manage multiple documents per stock, you can only manage one document per portfolio.  To open the PortfolioDoc for the current Portfolio, Right Click on the portfolio and select the 'PortfolioDoc for <portfolio name>' option.  If a PortfolioDoc file does not exist for the portfolio, one will be created.  When you rename a Portfolio, and use the PortfolioDoc option again, a new PortfolioDoc will be created under the new name.  The old files will remain on your system.. If you rename an portfolio back to an old name that had an existing PortfolioDoc file, it will be reconnected with that file. 

PortfolioDoc Viewing Window - When then PortfolioDoc viewing window is open :

  • Edit your documents just like you were working in MS Word. 
  • Select data and images from the current web page and drag-n-drop the selection directly into the PortfolioDoc viewing window to add the selection to your document.
  • Click the Horizontal / Vertical View button to switch between the two views.. Depending on your screen size, one view may be better than the other.  The browser will remember your preference.
  • Click the 'Save/Close' button to save any changes and close the PortfolioDoc viewing window.
  • The 'Toolbars' button is there do a glitch in the MS Word interface that causes the MS Word toolbar to disappear when the StockDoc viewing window loses focus.. If you need to Toolbar, simply click the 'Toolbars' button and it will reappear.

Horizontal View

Vertical View

Managing PortfolioDoc Files  --  PortfolioDoc files are always stored in the SpeedResearch application folder, typically 'C:\program files\srbrowser\'.  You can managed these files on your own outside of SpeedResearch using your File Explorer.  Renaming or relocating them will disconnect them from SpeedResearch.  You can also manage them easily using the 'Doc File Management' tab on the settings window (see Browser Setup) for more details.



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