Web tabs
  • Clicking the tabs changes between up to 10 separate web browsing windows. You can also use your keyboard to switch tabs by holding the <Alt> key and pressing the number keys 1 through 0,  0 being tab #10.
  • You can adjust the number of tabs from 2-10 on the browser's setup window.  After making changes to the Tab# setting, you will need to restart the browser for the changes to take effect.
  • All research and custom links use the currently selected tab 
  • Double-Click a tab to navigate to the default web page set for that tab or to refresh the web page in the tab if no default page has been set.
  • As you switch between tabs, if any tabs other than the one you are viewing are navigating to a web page, you will temporarily see the percentage completed in the caption of those tabs until they reach 100% complete and then the tab caption will return to the original  tab name or web site name.  
  • Right-Click on the selected tab for the following menu options :


    • Position of Tabs - Change the location of the tabs ( Top, Bottom, Left or Right side of the browser window) 
    • Auto Refresh - Set a 5 minute refresh option that will refresh the web page in that tab every 5 minutes whether it is the selected tab or not.  This can be turned on or off for each tab separately.
    • Rename the selected tab
    • Text Size - Change the text size of the web page on the current tab or across all tabs
    • Clear the default web page setting for the selected tab.
    • Set the default web page for the current tab to the web page currently navigated to on that tab.  Setting a default page for a tab will cause that page to be navigated to on that tab every time you start the browser.  A default page can be set for each tab.
    • Send Selection to Excel - Send anything selected on the current web page directly to an Excel file.. This is great for tables !
    • Crop Selection - Crops everything off of the current web page other than what you have selected.. This is great for making clean printouts without all the advertisements or anything else you don't want to see.
    • Copy Selection to Stock Doc - Takes everything you have selected on the current web page and inserts it into a new Stock Doc file or the Stock Doc file that you chose for the currently selected stock symbol.






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