Research Links
  • All links on the left panel are links that are tied directly to the stock symbol selected in your portfolio.  These links require a stock symbol in one of your portfolios to be selected.  The link will open the corresponding website research page to the selected stock.
  • All other links on the right of the window are normal links to financial data & research sites.  Many of these links contain dropdown submenus with additional selections.
  • Right-Clicking a link will open the web page in a new browser window.
  • 90% of the links in SpeedResearch are now able to be automatically updated from our web servers.  This will prevent the need for you to wait for full browser upgrades to repair links that have gone bad. 

Link Panel Scroll Buttons
Click the arrow buttons within the groups of links to expose additional panels of research links as well as additional <Custom> links.  The buttons on the left side of the browser will reveal two full groups of additional <Custom> links.  The buttons on the right side of the browser reveal a second group of research and financial links as well as an additional group of <Custom> links.

Left Side Panel

Right Side Panel #1

Right Side Panel #2
  Mouse Movement 
  • As you move your mouse over any of the links you will see the description for the link your mouse cursor is currently over in the status bar at the bottom of the browser.
  • As you move your mouse over the stocks in your portfolio, you will see all of the following in the status bar at the bottom of the browser :
    • The last used research link (The link that will be used if you double-click the stock symbol)
    • The Stock Symbol
    • Any notes that you have attached to the stock symbol
    • Hold the mouse over a stock for more than a second and it will also display the current value of the stock
  • The messages in the status bar for either of the above scenarios are only displayed when your current browser window is idle.  
  • If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, the focus of your scroll wheel should move between the portfolios, web page and left side custom links as you move your mouse around.  If not, check to make sure you are using the mouse driver supplied with your mouse and not the standard windows mouse driver. 






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