Stock Symbol Scanner
The Symbol Scanner  is used to quickly import lists of stock symbols on web pages into your portfolios. To open the Stock Symbol Scanner window, right click on your portfolio and select the 'Symbol Scanner' option.  The stock symbols on the web page must be in the form of a 'Link' and this is usually the case as most sites want you to click on the symbols for further details.  The Symbol scanner is accessed from the Portfolio Menu (right-click in the portfolio area).  In the Symbol Scanner drop-down menu, you will see all of your custom built Scan Wizards and can execute the scan directly from the menu.  When using Scan Wizards from the drop menu, all symbols found during the scan will be added to the currently selected portfolio.  SpeedResearch comes with several Scan Wizards already built for you.  To create your own or run more than one at a time, click on the 'New/Custom Scan' option to open the Symbol Scanner window.

Normal Scan - Before opening the scanner  window, you need to copy the Link or 'Shortcut' of one of the stock symbols on the page by right-clicking the stock symbol and selecting the 'Copy Shortcut' option from the menu. Paste the shortcut into the Sample Link box above. Find the ticker symbol within the shortcut and highlight it with your mouse. Click the 'Scan' button. Once the symbols that are found are listed in the box on the right, click the 'Send' button to add them to your current portfolio.  Click the 'Clear' button to remove all stocks from the 'Symbols Found' list.

Scan Wizards - You can also create Scan Wizards that will automatically navigate to a web page and scan for stock symbols. These wizards can be run individually or you can run any number of them simultaneously. We have included several examples that you can use to build lists of the days most popular stocks. To run a scan wizard, select one or more from the list and click the 'Scan' button to begin the scan. You can also double-click a single wizard to automatically run a scan. Use the 'All' or 'None' buttons to select and deselect the entire list of wizards.

The process for creating a scan wizard is similar to a normal scan. Simply navigate to the web page containing a list of stocks and copy the shortcut of one of the stock symbols as you would for a normal scan. Paste the link into the Sample Link box above and highlight the stock symbol within the link. Click the 'Add' button and enter a name for your new wizard and click OK. You will then see your new Wizard listed in the box. To delete a wizard, simply select one or more wizards and click the 'Delete' button of press your delete (del) key.

Tip: If you find a page containing a list of stock symbols that are not links, and are within a table or paragraph that allows you to select all of the stocks at once whether they're separated by spaces, commas or carriage returns, you can just cut and paste that list directly into the stock symbol entry box in the top left corner of the browser.

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