Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I still use my Netscape browser after SpeedResearch is installed?
A. Yes, installing the SpeedResearch browser will have no affect on any current installation of Netscape or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. You can continue to use your pre-existing browser as you always have.

Q. I download the SRBFULL.EXE file to install the browser, but when I run the file, it asks for a password.
A. Your download was corrupted. Simply redownloading the file should resolve the problem. You may want to try one of the alternative dowload mirrors if you continue to have corrupted downloads.

Q. When I start the browser I get an error message about a missing 'shdocvw.dll' file.
A. If this file is missing from your system, you most likely do not have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on your system. You can download free at

Q. When I start the browser I can't see the link bars on the left & right sides of the screen. Where did they go?
A. You have turned on the Active Edges option which causes the links to stay hidden until you move your mouse over the left or right edge of the browser. If you also set the 'Click' option for Active Edges, you will need to click on the thin black border on the left or right side of the browser to pop out the link bars.

Q. I'm a registered user and bought a new computer. After installing SpeedResearch, it appears as though I'm a trial user again. Why?
A. You need to reenter your Registration Key on the Setup Window again to register your new installation of the browser. If you have lost your key, send us an email with the name, address and email that you registered with and we'll be glad to resend your key.

Q. I'm buying a new computer and want to copy my SpeedResearch settings to my new computer. How do I do this?
A. There are Export and Import features on the Setup Window. Use these to export your browser settings to a file that can be copied to your new machine and imported.





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