Portfolio Links
Portfolio links are designed to open web sites capable of displaying data for multiple stocks at one time, in most cases in some form of comparison chart or graph.   We have built a collection of links that will open many of these these sites directly to the results for every stock in your selected portfolio or your whole collection of stocks across all 10 portfolios.

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Clicking the 'Query Portfolio' link just below your portfolio #'s will open the following menu.  The submenu titled 'All Portfolios' are the links that will open results for stocks across all of your portfolios.  Please note that some sites have limits to how many stocks they can display data for at one time.  In most cases, when you exceed this limit, the site will open with results for the number of stocks up to the limit of the site.  You will also see a link at the bottom of the list titled 'Select Multi-Page'.  Clicking this link will allow you to open any one or your standard research links multiple times within one tab, once for each stock in your selected portfolio.  When you click the 'Select Multi-Page' menu option, the 'Query Portfolio' link will become highlighted and some of the other links on the browser which are not supported for this type of browsing will be disabled until you select your research link.  If you wish to cancel the 'Select Multi-Page', just click the highlighted 'Query Portfolio'  link again.





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