Reminders  - Click the 'Reminders' link in the upper right corner to display and create daily reminders.   When the Reminders window opens, click the dates on the calendar to view reminders for that day.  Anything typed or changed in the text box to the right will be saved for the currently selected date on the calendar.  Registered users will be alerted when the browser is started if there are any reminders for the day.   

Real-Time ECN Window - Available from the Portfolio Menu (right click on the portfolio box).  Displays a floating window with auto updating real-time ECN order book quotes for all stocks within the selected portfolio.  It also calculates a composite value for the portfolio.  You can adjust the refresh frequency, using the box provided.  There is also a refresh button and a button to force the window to stay on top of all other windows.


Portfolio Composite Chart - Available from the Portfolio Menu (right click on the portfolio box).  Generates a composite chart based on all of the stocks in the current portfolio.  This is experimental and only uses a basic charting component.  It will not handle stocks that split within the time range.  It was suggested by a user so I thought I'd throw it in.  We are looking into better charting components for future versions for more advanced charting abilities.   You can click the Wide View to stretch out the chart for more detail and add Trend lines with the 'Trend Lines' button.  You can also include the individual stocks on the chart by unchecking 'Composite Only' and clicking the Refresh button.

Status & Index Quote Bar - The panel bar across the bottom of the browser displays quotes of major indexes. These quotes are automatically updated every 3 minutes. Click the bar for detailed index quotes and charts for the days activity.  The Status bar displays navigation status similar to the way internet explorer does, but it also displays various other data elements depending on  where your mouse is on the browser.  If over a link, the status bar displays the link description.  If over a stock in your portfolio, it displays the last Research Link used, in in other words, the link that will be opened if you double click the stock.  It also displays the Ticker Note, which if the Date/$ option is turned on in the browser settings, will show the date the stock was added and the value of the stock at that time.  If you hold your mouse over a stock for a bit over a second, it will display the current value in the status bar.


Watch Wizard ('Wiz') :

  • Automatically loads the last ticker and research link into an automatically refreshing browser window.  You must select a ticker and research link before using the wizard.
  • You can adjust the time in seconds for the refresh rate.
  • Once a wizard is opened, you can also manually enter a URL into the box at the top and click on 'Go' or hit the <enter> key to navigate to that URL.  Clicking the 'SR' button will cause the Wizard to navigate to the currently displayed web page on the main Speedresearch Browser window.
  • Tip : Size the window and scroll into view what you want to see refreshed.. The page will remain in the same position when refreshed and the Watch Wizard windows will always load up in the same size and position as previously used.

Calculator :

  • Left Click - Opens the standard windows calculator
  • Right Click - Displays a menu of various financial calculators






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