Multi Links
Multi Links  -- The MultiLink  feature will allow you to simultaneously open multiple research pages for the selected stock in your portfolio all within the main browser window.  Perform the following steps to create a MultiLink  :
  1. Click the "Multi" link located on the left side of the browser just under your portfolio #'s
  2. Wait until the link starts blinking.  At this time you will be able to select from the links that are not disabled, including any custom links that you have created.
  3. Select the research links that you would like to view.  Each one will stay highlighted as you select them and they will be displayed in the order that you select them. Keep in mind that the more you select, the longer it will take to load the pages, unless of course you have a high speed connection. 
  4. Once you have selected your group of links, click the blinking "Multi" link again to initiate the pages.
  5. All of the pages will begin to load in the browser window.  Each separate page will be sized to the width and height of your browser window.  Use the scroll bar to the far right to scroll through the pages.  Use the scroll bar to the left of the main scroll bar to scroll within each separate page. If you have a mouse with the scrolling wheel, using it rather than the scroll bars creates a very cool effect and easy way to scroll through all of the pages the full length of each page.
  6. See the Custom Links section for details on creating custom MultiLinks allowing you to have custom links that will instantly return simultaneous results from any number of research sites all within one browser window.  This feature can create some very powerful links.






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